Is coaching really for me?

"Wait a minute...  you are not an expert in my field.  How can that work?

Here is the beauty of coaching and why it is so powerful:  YOU are the expert.  The coach's job is to help you think differently, gain a new perspective by giving you time and space to explore. You are ready and will benefit from a coaching session if you are:

  • Willing to explore potential and begin thinking beyond the ordinary.
  • Want to move forward in a specific area of your life but are not sure what resources you have available.
  • Feel the need for something new and challenging.
  • Need to clarify a vision for your life and maintain a high level of achievement.
  • Willing to listen to and accept insight, encouragement, and feedback in order to move forward toward your dreams.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, contact me to learn more!

Christy is amazing! I was preparing for a series of job interviews, and, at first, I wasn’t so sure I really needed coaching. But after just a few minutes with Christy, I realized I should have contacted her long ago! She was professional, inspirational, and asked good, tough questions. She gave me homework. And by the the time the interviews came, I was ready. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
— Eric G.