What I do:

As a Coach, I help people explore new possibilities with focus and clarity.


What does that Mean?

Have you ever felt stuck?  In a rut?  Not sure what's next?  You might feel this way in your relationship, your career,  your education, with your children or family.  I can help you discover a new way forward.  What might be around the next bend?  

I can help you create space to think outside the box and be the expert at your own life by asking you questions you may not have thought of on your own and helping you focus on new answers. 

I  Can Help You

  • Get Hired

Job hunting?  Are you going on lots of interviews but not getting hired?  Coaching can help you hone interview skills and create a personal elevator speech so you stand out amidst other candidates.

  • Find Focus

Facing a major life decision?  Want to find clarity in a specific area of your life? Coaching is a great tool to clear out all the extraneous details and get to the heart of the matter.  

  • Create a Clear Message

Unsure exactly how to communicate who you are as a professional, business, or individual?  Do more than just deliver details. Coaching can assist you in developing  a concise and high impact "elevator speech" that will connect with your audience.